We took the simplicity of a to-do list,
mixed it with the flexibility of a task board
and then we added some cats

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We started with a basic checklist and redesigned it, to make it more efficient for teamwork

After years of working with different development methods, we found that a lot of the tools we were using was far to complex for a lot of projects.

So we put together a classic To Do-list, but instead of using checkboxes we built a toggle switch with four different states, inspired by common agile task boards: to do, in progress, awaiting response and done

This is an example

This is what we built:

When building TodoCat our aim was to make it as easy to get started as possible

A big problem we found was getting colleagues and clients to actually use the tools we found. One way we are trying to solve this issue is by letting users sign in with an account they already have. Simply connect and you will be up and running within seconds.

It works on your cat photo instagramming device too!

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Marcus Olovsson